My name is Matt Pearce and I am the Middle School Learning Leader at Cornerstone College which is a Lutheran School found in the Adelaide Hills in South Australia. I find great joy in working with young people and seeing them develop into good citizens. I believe I have been called into this wonderful journey and have the gifts and talents to make a difference. I have a passion for building positive relationships with students and I see my vocation not as a job but as a learning journey. Often I am inspired to try new things through the students I teach, they keep me alive. Education for me, is connection first and then content. I believe that each student has the God given ability to change the world.

Before becoming a teacher I spent 7 years building buses for a local coach builder and found that this experience formed a foundation in my life for learning. I am a tinkerer who will give most things a go and I enjoy the challenges of new technologies and experiences.

I have many passions outside the classroom. I have been blessed with a family that are a constant reminder that life is good, I enjoy keeping fit at the gym and relaxation for me is cooking feasts for friends.



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