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Let your embers shine!

I am fortunate in that I often can sit back during a lesson and observe what my kids are doing. I am incredibly encouraged when I see them working together to solve problems or caring for each other in their conversations. I shared an excerpt from the Coach Carter movie with my home group this … Continue reading

What about all this technology?

It seems that the world of teaching is being dominated by the rapid, invisible forces of technology. The other day I was watching the TV program “The Gruen Sweat” and it was commented that now advertisers are looking at a persons social media connections instead of their media presence. How do we educate students so … Continue reading

what about mistakes?

I am part of a MYSA twitter community and it was recommended that we read a book called ‘Unusually excellent” by John Hamm. It’s about leadership and how we need to revisit and refresh our ideas on how to lead. One paragraph so far has stood out the most ” Most of you own a … Continue reading

First cab off the rank.

As I embark on this new project of a “digital portfolio”, I want the focus to be on my professional journey. Things that I have tried and how they have improved the outcomes for my students , things that have failed and caused me to rehone my skills as a teacher. Today I tried what … Continue reading

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