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Today I cried….

Today I cried…. Today I cried because I saw  pain in the eyes of our community. Today I cried because we lost a spark in our world. Today I cried because I saw darkness seemingly win over light. Today I cried because I saw pain I couldn’t heal. Today I cried because I felt helpless … Continue reading

From little things ……

I am sitting in my office in week 11 of Term1 listening to a Year 8 student across the corridor share his term 1 learning with his parents. This is instead of the teachers writing a long comment report. Why change what we always have done? Authenticity is the catch cry of 21st Century education. How … Continue reading

the fifth “C”?

I am been visioning what our middle school will look like in 2019 and during this process, I have been reading about the 4 C’s of 21st Century Learning – Critical Thinking, Communication, Creativity and Collaboration. I believe that these are essential skills for our students to have in their arsenal to be good global … Continue reading


This year, for the first time in my working life I took long service leave. I had 4 1/2 months of doing what I wanted to do, no bells, no reports, no phone calls, no timetable or timetabling issues. I chose to remove myself totally from the learning community that is home for a significant … Continue reading

What is your legacy?

I have just realized that it has been over a year since I last blogged. Time does fly and I find it a shock that I haven’t written for so long. My thoughts recently have been centered on the whole idea of “legacy”. As I continue on my journey, I have now been in my … Continue reading

what does engagement mean? A blog full of questions

I sit here and look out at my class full of teenagers , their quiet, their working but are they engaged. I give out an assignment , I go through the criteria for assessment , they ask some questions and then I say “Any other questions?” Silence is the response. They put their heads down … Continue reading

I don’t write too good

One of my weaknesses as an educator is the whole area of grammar and English. If I look back over my life , I think I am improving but I still have a way to go. At report writing time I shudder because I know that there will inevitably be issues with the comments I … Continue reading

its been a while!

Mmm – what have you been doing lately? I look back on my last post and shudder at the time between that post and this. Why the gap? Have I stopped learning or thinking? Of course not, but time does get away from you! I have had the privilege of moving into a new building … Continue reading

Redesign my Brain ( teaching?)

I have been enjoying the program on ABC called “Redesign my Brain” . If you are not familiar with it, each week Todd Sampson ( Gruen Transfer) uses different brain training exercises to help rewire his brain. Last week fascinated me because he was looking at creativity and “Can we change our mindsets so that they … Continue reading

The best of times………..

There are times in your life when you feel like you are in a dream. I felt that way on my wedding day.. everything is in tune and synced , your thoughts and expectations are matched by the results or actions.I have spent the last six weeks travelling in a dream , I spent 4 … Continue reading

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