Professional Learning

As listed in the National Professional Standards for Teachers, educators must “engage in professional learning.”

This standard is broken down into a few subcategories:

6.1 Identify and plan professional learning needs
6.2 Engage in professional learning and improve practice
6.2 Engages with colleagues and improve practice
6.4 Apply professional learning and improve student learning

I believe that I have met the criteria by doing the following:

  • I have involved myself in the professional practice of a teacher.
  • I am a life-long learner who has a thirst for developing into the best teacher I can be. I have attended many courses and conferences so that I can reflect and refresh my learning.
  • I take any opportunity to engage with my colleagues on best practice. I am fortunate to have a small group of people who I can talk through ways of improving our student outcomes.
  • I have applied my improved understanding in ICT to develop courses that are innovative in Year 10 and 11 systems. These courses have been well received and developed a different stream for students doing Design and Technology.
  • Each year as well plan our PD, I look forward to exploring new areas and developing new skills. I have found that my teaching is becoming “more grounded” as I have developed and given me the impetus to try new roles in teaching such as the Curriculum Director and MIddle School Learning Leader.
  • I have presented to staff ideas on innovation and curriculum in staff meetings and PD sessions.
  • I have taken all opportunities to share ideas on future directions for the College with the Senior management team and teachers.
  • I have a large professional learning network through my connections in linkedin, twitter and professional blog sites. I am not only a consumer but a contributor to these communities. I have shared my development with collegues both individually and corporately at my school.

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