Assess,feedback and report

As listed in the National Professional Standards for Teachers, educators must “assess, provide feedback and report on student learning.”

This standard is broken down into a few subcategories:

5.1 Assess student learning
5.2 Provide feedback to students on their learning
5.3 Make consistent and comparable judgments
5.4 Interpret student data
5.5 Report on student achievement

I believe that I have met the criteria by doing the following:

  • Reflection is a vital component of learning. My courses are punctuated by this characteristic. Students are encouraged to reflect in a formal manner at the end of each project but I also ask questions of them while they are learning.
  • I am constantly changing courses to reflect feedback from students and to improve their outcomes.
  • The revising of our whole Design and Technology curriculum was in response to feedback we received from students and workshop observation.
  • Our reporting system provides feedback for students on a regular cycle but I have also used online surveys to seek student feedback that has allowed me to tailor courses to suit the individuals learning.
  • I have used the interpretation of Year 12 results to change the manner in which I have taught this course, breaking down tasks into more beneficial chunks rather than one task. I have modified the course to reflect students desire for more time on certain tasks as well.
  • Our PD cycle has also enabled me to reflect on my teaching and student outcomes. Student and peer feedback from these sessions has allowed me to grow as a professional.

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