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It’s a big day today as our son has his first day at High School. I spent some time reflecting with a home group this morning on their first day and I shared what life was like in 1982, when I entered the gates of Findon High School. I hope that today for our year 7’s is … Continue reading


Recently I was dobbed into doing this “tiny” walk called the Trailblazer. For those who are uneducated out there, it is a 50km walk through the rolling hills of Adelaide. Let me say the first 18kms were good but the next 32km had me in a place where I have never been before. “Agony” is not the correct word – … Continue reading

Blog as a professional portfolio

I am currently in a workshop with George Couros on National Teaching Standards. In this blog I will be exploring the following 7 teaching standards: 1. Know students 2. Knowing content 3. Plan teaching and learning 4. Supportive and safe learning 5. Assess,feedback,report 6. Professional learning 7. Engage professionally.

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