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It’s a big day today as our son has his first day at High School. I spent some time reflecting with a home group this morning on their first day and I shared what life was like in 1982, when I entered the gates of Findon High School. I hope that today for our year 7’s is different from my first day, the term “dropped in the deep end” comes to mind! The awkwardness of being new,not knowing where things were ( Findon High even had shelter sheds designated for certain groups) and the rumours of what gets done to Year 8’s( the infamous Royal Flush).

Ready for the First Day!

As a teacher I sometimes forget the nerves of first days. William starting this journey has reminded me that even though I feel comfortable and secure in my world , there are 140 kids at school today who are a little tentative. What I am doing to make them feel okay, like we want them here , that we are excited about who they will become over the next 5 years.
Perspective is a funny word , coupled with hindsight its a powerful thing. We often find that our perspective is sharpened when we experience out of the ordinary situations. I think mine has been sharpened today and as I begin a new journey in my life. I hope I remember today the challenge to make someone elses transition to a new stage a little smoother.

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