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5 things I learnt in 2012

It seems that at the moment the popular blog post is to have 5 things that….. or 10 uses for the IPAD or 7 uses for technology in the classroom. So here we go – the 5 things I learnt this year( in no particular order).

1. Give things a crack – you may never know where they lead.

This year I decided that as much as possible I wouldn’t allow myself to be dictated by the fear of the unknown. I learnt that I could walk 50 kms up and down large hills over a 13 hour period. I could allow my teaching to be more of the class and less of me. I could run 12kms, 7months after a full knee reconstruction. That sharing my thoughts on a blog is enriching not embarrassing.

2. Technology should be invisible but the learning visible.
We do get caught up in what is the latest and how my 4G is better than your 3G but in the end isn’t it what the students produce that is the most important?

3. Don’t hold off on saying what you think.
This year one of my students died in a car crash. It honed my perspective on unfinished business. Often we think I should have said that – oh well , I will do it tomorrow. Dont let slackness, tiredness or busyness stop you from saying important stuff to someone.

4.Every student has a chance to be

Often I come into the classroom with a preconceived idea on what I am going to teach and who I have to teach it to. This year , I took a breath and listened to my students , allowed them to tell me what they wanted to achieve and how I can help them get there. It was refreshing to not bombard them with what I thought they needed to know.

5.Just when you think you can’t , you can.

I wrote earlier this term about capacity. I think that I have learnt so much about who I am and what I can do this year. Unless we do different things and stretch ourselves , we may never know what we can really achieve and how fulfilling overcoming challenges can be.

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