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The best of times………..

There are times in your life when you feel like you are in a dream. I felt that way on my wedding day.. everything is in tune and synced , your thoughts and expectations are matched by the results or actions.I have spent the last six weeks travelling in a dream , I spent 4 days in Queensland at the MYSA conference , learning , reflecting and conversing with some great educators , I then spent two days listening to interviewees for our new teaching positions in 2014 and to finish off, our school has just had a MS School Immersion Day. In preparation for this day I was fortunate enough to work with a fantastic team of like-minded individuals who were prepared to break new ground at our school in relation to PD delivery.
As I sit here and type, I am quite emotional( usually caused by exhaustion)as I feel a real sense of being extremely blessed.

I have been struck by a few of things which will change who I am as an educator and a man.

1) People have a deep desire to learn if you give them the time, space and opportunity to do so. Often we frame our lessons so that students will have a learning outcome. Do we look after ourselves in our own PD to achieve something? I experienced yesterday a “learning hum” as teachers were choosing their PD for the day, willingly sharing it and asking questions of themselves and their practice.

2) I am not alone. I have seen over the past few weeks a multitude of people who are keen to be part of a new journey together , some graduates and some experienced teachers. It has given me great confidence in the future of our school , that we will work hard to help our students grow in their understandings of who they are and the potential they have. Conversely, they will help us grow through their questioning and reflecting to be better people.

3) Look on your doorstep. I love technology and the fact that I have a personal learning network that covers the globe. Often I am thinking  that this is my only resource because its “international”.I have been blown away by the depth of knowledge and experiences shared in my own school. Why? has it taken me 10 years to see this?

4) To each their own. Yesterday was set up using Blooms Taxonomy as a guide and the sessions could be self-directed or we also had expert sessions where you could listen to people talk. The joy for me was seeing people choose their own path and then visibly feedback and excitement as they learnt.

5) You gotta let go. This was the first time that I can recollect where our Senior Leadership Team allowed us to develop this model. THANKYOU.

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