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Redesign my Brain ( teaching?)

I have been enjoying the program on ABC called “Redesign my Brain” . If you are notĀ familiar with it, each week Todd Sampson ( Gruen Transfer) uses different brain training exercises to help rewire his brain. Last week fascinated me because he was looking at creativity and “Can we change our mindsets so that they … Continue reading

three simple words

I may be alone in my thoughts but I think that being a teacher is becoming more complex each year. I have spoken to a number of teachers about how they are travelling and their united response is “very busy”. Tackling a full timetable, meetings,prep.work, marking , PD plans etc. is a tough gig and … Continue reading

Blog as a professional portfolio

I am currently in a workshop with George Couros on National Teaching Standards. In this blog I will be exploring the following 7 teaching standards: 1. Know students 2. Knowing content 3. Plan teaching and learning 4. Supportive and safe learning 5. Assess,feedback,report 6. Professional learning 7. Engage professionally.

what is capacity?

Recently I have taken on a new role in my school. I find myself in situations that 20 years ago I would never have imagined. These situations have stretched my capacity for learning to its limits, I think it’s called a “steep learning curve”. At the moment I am sitting quietly in the corner, observing … Continue reading

Reports aren’t a dirty word

Yes it’s that time of term when teachers disappear into that vortex which seems to dominate their lives for three weeks or so…… REPORTS Even though I know its coming, I am still surprised when the buff coloured piece of paper arrives in my pigeon hole giving me the important dates to remember so that … Continue reading

What about all this technology?

It seems that the world of teaching is being dominated by the rapid, invisible forces of technology. The other day I was watching the TV program “The Gruen Sweat” and it was commented that now advertisers are looking at a persons social media connections instead of their media presence. How do we educate students so … Continue reading

First cab off the rank.

As I embark on this new project of a “digital portfolio”, I want the focus to be on my professional journey. Things that I have tried and how they have improved the outcomes for my students , things that have failed and caused me to rehone my skills as a teacher. Today I tried what … Continue reading

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