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What about all this technology?

It seems that the world of teaching is being dominated by the rapid, invisible forces of technology. The other day I was watching the TV program “The Gruen Sweat” and it was commented that now advertisers are looking at a persons social media connections instead of their media presence. How do we educate students so that they understand the significance of their digital footprint?Words such as “integrity” and “ethics” are no longer seen as nice additions to education but pivotal to our charter of developing good citizens.
Michael Carr Greg in his book ” Real Wired Child” says that we must set distinct boundaries that allows students to be digital natives in a safe environment. Lack of filters / boundaries create a 24/7 environment that put our students in danger. Would I allow my children to play on a busy street ? No , so why would I let them play with the busy Internet without guidance.
I also think there is a fine line between filtering and prohibition.
From 1920 until 1933 , the US decided to ban the sale of alcohol. The effect was widespread corruption and underworld activity.
We need to allow our students the freedom to develop into good citizens whilst giving them the right tools to make wise, ethical decisions.
We shouldn’t be fearful of technological changes. These external forces shouldn’t alter the passion we have as educators to instill the same moral characteristics in our students that allow them to be good and confident global citizens. I think should be a schools motto “Invisible Technology drives Visible Learning”
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