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The best of times………..

There are times in your life when you feel like you are in a dream. I felt that way on my wedding day.. everything is in tune and synced , your thoughts and expectations are matched by the results or actions.I have spent the last six weeks travelling in a dream , I spent 4 … Continue reading

three simple words

I may be alone in my thoughts but I think that being a teacher is becoming more complex each year. I have spoken to a number of teachers about how they are travelling and their united response is “very busy”. Tackling a full timetable, meetings,prep.work, marking , PD plans etc. is a tough gig and … Continue reading

I am who I am

Getting back into a new school year is tough work.  The same thought keeps coming back into my head, “should have done this last year”!! Can a old dog learn new tricks? Is what we are so ingrained in us that we can’t change? What we have before us each year is a group of … Continue reading

5 things I learnt in 2012

It seems that at the moment the popular blog post is to have 5 things that….. or 10 uses for the IPAD or 7 uses for technology in the classroom. So here we go – the 5 things I learnt this year( in no particular order). 1. Give things a crack – you may never … Continue reading


Recently I was dobbed into doing this “tiny” walk called the Trailblazer. For those who are uneducated out there, it is a 50km walk through the rolling hills of Adelaide. Let me say the first 18kms were good but the next 32km had me in a place where I have never been before. “Agony” is not the correct word – … Continue reading

Blog as a professional portfolio

I am currently in a workshop with George Couros on National Teaching Standards. In this blog I will be exploring the following 7 teaching standards: 1. Know students 2. Knowing content 3. Plan teaching and learning 4. Supportive and safe learning 5. Assess,feedback,report 6. Professional learning 7. Engage professionally.

what is capacity?

Recently I have taken on a new role in my school. I find myself in situations that 20 years ago I would never have imagined. These situations have stretched my capacity for learning to its limits, I think it’s called a “steep learning curve”. At the moment I am sitting quietly in the corner, observing … Continue reading

The times are a changing……

I recently had a choice to make……..I was fortunate enough to be offered a new job. One that would move me from a place of comfort , like an open fire on a cold night to a place that is new and for a time not so comfortable. Life is easier when you have done … Continue reading

When I grow up………

This year I “celebrate” 25 years since I left high school education for the big world. I still distinctly remember my last day, the celebration of finally finishing, no more teachers,no more lessons , no more homework. I also remember going home and making three distinct vows about my future- I would never work in … Continue reading

What about all this technology?

It seems that the world of teaching is being dominated by the rapid, invisible forces of technology. The other day I was watching the TV program “The Gruen Sweat” and it was commented that now advertisers are looking at a persons social media connections instead of their media presence. How do we educate students so … Continue reading

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