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The times are a changing……

I recently had a choice to make……..I was fortunate enough to be offered a new job. One that would move me from a place of comfort , like an open fire on a cold night to a place that is new and for a time not so comfortable. Life is easier when you have done the hard yards, you’ve established your frameworks,developed your pedagogies and grown a deep affection for the routines of the day.
When I sat down and pondered the positives and negatives of a new venture my mind kept on coming back to one issue…. What am I passionate about, what makes me smile, what heightens my emotions?
Once I could visualise answers to these questions , the answer to my initial question was made easier. 25 years ago I would have never thought my journey take me to this place. Teaching has ignited a passion that is at my very core. I will miss some aspects of my old job, but I am excited by the new journey- I have a blank canvas and look forward to painting a new picture that improves outcomes for students in my care.


About mattwpearce

Head of Secondary at Lighthouse School Mauritius from 2019


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