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what does engagement mean? A blog full of questions

I sit here and look out at my class full of teenagers , their quiet, their working but are they engaged. I give out an assignment , I go through the criteria for assessment , they ask some questions and then I say “Any other questions?” Silence is the response. They put their heads down … Continue reading

its been a while!

Mmm – what have you been doing lately? I look back on my last post and shudder at the time between that post and this. Why the gap? Have I stopped learning or thinking? Of course not, but time does get away from you! I have had the privilege of moving into a new building … Continue reading

Redesign my Brain ( teaching?)

I have been enjoying the program on ABC called “Redesign my Brain” . If you are not familiar with it, each week Todd Sampson ( Gruen Transfer) uses different brain training exercises to help rewire his brain. Last week fascinated me because he was looking at creativity and “Can we change our mindsets so that they … Continue reading

The best of times………..

There are times in your life when you feel like you are in a dream. I felt that way on my wedding day.. everything is in tune and synced , your thoughts and expectations are matched by the results or actions.I have spent the last six weeks travelling in a dream , I spent 4 … Continue reading

Feed Me!!!

I have been thinking lately about the whole area of students being consumers. Many times when I have tried new ideas in the classroom to try to help them become more independent in their learning, I encounter stressed out students who panic because they are unsure whether the answer is right or that the decision … Continue reading

I am who I am

Getting back into a new school year is tough work.  The same thought keeps coming back into my head, “should have done this last year”!! Can a old dog learn new tricks? Is what we are so ingrained in us that we can’t change? What we have before us each year is a group of … Continue reading

I must break you!!

The Rocky movies have played a significant part in movie history. Typically , like any movie series, the plots get thinner as the next movie in the series is released. As the new school year started , I was drawn to this famous quote from Dolf Lundgren in Rocky 4. The very thin scenario goes something like … Continue reading


It’s a big day today as our son has his first day at High School. I spent some time reflecting with a home group this morning on their first day and I shared what life was like in 1982, when I entered the gates of Findon High School. I hope that today for our year 7’s is … Continue reading


Recently I was dobbed into doing this “tiny” walk called the Trailblazer. For those who are uneducated out there, it is a 50km walk through the rolling hills of Adelaide. Let me say the first 18kms were good but the next 32km had me in a place where I have never been before. “Agony” is not the correct word – … Continue reading

Blog as a professional portfolio

I am currently in a workshop with George Couros on National Teaching Standards. In this blog I will be exploring the following 7 teaching standards: 1. Know students 2. Knowing content 3. Plan teaching and learning 4. Supportive and safe learning 5. Assess,feedback,report 6. Professional learning 7. Engage professionally.

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