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Today I cried….

Today I cried…. Today I cried because I saw  pain in the eyes of our community. Today I cried because we lost a spark in our world. Today I cried because I saw darkness seemingly win over light. Today I cried because I saw pain I couldn’t heal. Today I cried because I felt helpless … Continue reading

From little things ……

I am sitting in my office in week 11 of Term1 listening to a Year 8 student across the corridor share his term 1 learning with his parents. This is instead of the teachers writing a long comment report. Why change what we always have done? Authenticity is the catch cry of 21st Century education. How … Continue reading

the fifth “C”?

I am been visioning what our middle school will look like in 2019 and during this process, I have been reading about the 4 C’s of 21st Century Learning – Critical Thinking, Communication, Creativity and Collaboration. I believe that these are essential skills for our students to have in their arsenal to be good global … Continue reading


This year, for the first time in my working life I took long service leave. I had 4 1/2 months of doing what I wanted to do, no bells, no reports, no phone calls, no timetable or timetabling issues. I chose to remove myself totally from the learning community that is home for a significant … Continue reading

What is your legacy?

I have just realized that it has been over a year since I last blogged. Time does fly and I find it a shock that I haven’t written for so long. My thoughts recently have been centered on the whole idea of “legacy”. As I continue on my journey, I have now been in my … Continue reading

I don’t write too good

One of my weaknesses as an educator is the whole area of grammar and English. If I look back over my life , I think I am improving but I still have a way to go. At report writing time I shudder because I know that there will inevitably be issues with the comments I … Continue reading

what is capacity

Recently I have taken on a new role in my school. I find myself in situations that 20 years ago I would never have imagined. These situations have stretched my capacity for learning to its limits, I think it’s called a “steep learning curve”. At the moment I am sitting quietly in the corner, observing … Continue reading

First cab off the rank.

As I embark on this new project of a “digital portfolio”, I want the focus to be on my professional journey. Things that I have tried and how they have improved the outcomes for my students , things that have failed and caused me to rehone my skills as a teacher. Today I tried what … Continue reading

open thinking

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