Engage Professionally

As listed in the National Professional Standards for Teachers, educators must “know the content and how to teach it.”

This standard is broken down into a few subcategories:

7.1 Meet professional ethics and responsibilities
7.2 Comply with legislative, administrative and organisational requirements
7.3 Engage with parents/carers

7.4 Engage with Professionaln teaching networks and broader communities

I feel that I have met the above criteria by doing the following:

  • I am professional in all my dealings with staff,students and parents. I have found myself mentors to work with to help me develop into a better professional.
  • I support my employer fully and abide by any request that are asked of me as a teacher and Learning Leader.
  • I have developed a stronger administration ability as I have moved into different roles and used the frameworks supplied by my school to keep records up to date.
  • I am a registered teacher, have a Wilderness First Aid certificate as well as mandatory reporting and other certificates required to operate as a teacher.
  • I have instigated parents meetings, information nights and showcases to enable strong communication lines between the school and the community.
  • I have written articles in our school magazine as well as fortnightly newsletters communicating information to parents and the student body.
  • I have spoken at information nights about our curriculum and answered questions from unsure parents.
  • I am a member of a number of learning communites online such as twitter, yammer, linkedin, edublogs and technology blogs. I contribute to these discussions and provide links to collegues on blogs that may be relevant to their key learning areas.
  • I am a member of various groups such as OHS&W that review policies for the school.
  • I have presented at educational conferences both in Australia and overseas.
  • I am a committee member of the REAL group ( AISSA middle school group).
  • I am an advocate for Adolescent Success ( formally MYSA)

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