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I am who I am

Getting back into a new school year is tough work.  The same thought keeps coming back into my head, “should have done this last year”!! Can a old dog learn new tricks? Is what we are so ingrained in us that we can’t change? What we have before us each year is a group of … Continue reading

Blog as a professional portfolio

I am currently in a workshop with George Couros on National Teaching Standards. In this blog I will be exploring the following 7 teaching standards: 1. Know students 2. Knowing content 3. Plan teaching and learning 4. Supportive and safe learning 5. Assess,feedback,report 6. Professional learning 7. Engage professionally.

When I grow up………

This year I “celebrate” 25 years since I left high school education for the big world. I still distinctly remember my last day, the celebration of finally finishing, no more teachers,no more lessons , no more homework. I also remember going home and making three distinct vows about my future- I would never work in … Continue reading

open thinking

rants & resources from an open educator

The Retina

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